Harbinger Introduces VARI Studio 500 Series Monitors

Harbinger Pro Audio introduces the VARI Studio 500 Series of nearfield monitors featuring variable DSP voicings to prevent mixing mistakes and ensure that audio productions will reliably translate to any reproduction system so consumers will hear exactly the vision of the artist.

This line of nearfield monitor loudspeakers includes the SM505 (with a 5-inch woofer) and the SM508 (with an 8-inch woofer). Both feature an expertly engineered tweeter waveguide to deliver superior stereo imaging and highly detailed stereo placement across the entire soundfield for more accurate mixing, more satisfying listening and a highly precise balance of all midrange and high frequency audio. A front bass port ensures fuller and more accurate low frequency reproduction, while avoiding sound-altering room interactions that commonly occur with studio monitors with rear-panel bass ports, thereby expanding placement options.

In many studios, mix compatibility checks are accomplished by having multiple sets of speakers, from giant soffit-mount monitors to tiny 3" single-driver speakers. Harbinger’s Perfect Mix DSP offers three loudspeaker voicings: Normal – a classic studio monitor sound also great for entertainment listening; Ref – extremely accurate and uncolored; and Small – a simulation of small speakers to help ensure a mix will translate well to smaller speaker systems, including phones, tablets, laptops, and small Bluetooth® speakers. By switching modes, creators can check for compatibility with every size of system with a single pair of monitors.

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