Simmons Releases Titan 70 Electronic Drum Kit

Simmons has announced the Titan 70 electronic drum kit, the newest addition and flagship product of its Titan range. Last year, Simmons introduced the highly affordable Titan 50 and Titan 20 electronic drum kits, bringing the brand’s powerful legacy to a new generation of players. The Titan 70 offers next-level performance and expanded features, at a price point far below that of comparable products from other brands.

Simmons’ Titan 70 builds on the Titan series of electronic drum kits and delivers the sound, feel, and innovation demanded by serious drummers. This full-sized kit includes multi-zone pads for expressive and responsive performance (Variable Attack Response), album-ready produced sounds, and interactive features to customize the kit and improve timing accuracy for beginners to advanced players.

Other features of the Titan 70 module include Bluetooth Audio and MIDI for wireless connection to mobile devices. Pair your phone or tablet and play along with videos and music through the same headphones or speakers as the drums. Bluetooth MIDI attaches to apps, like Simmons Drums 2 for iOS which selects kits, edits sounds and mixes, and plays music at slow speed to help learn new songs. The built-in, play-along practice mode also works with the app to work on timing accuracy, and the module includes a detachable, padded shelf for a phone or tablet.

Simmons Titan 70 U.S. list price: $799.99