Inside the Moog Factory with Synth History’s Danz CM

Danielle “Danz” Johnson has been a longtime friend and supporter of Moog Music’s legacy and its instruments. The songwriter, producer, record label owner, and Synth History founder currently makes music under the moniker of Danz CM (formerly Computer Magic).

Danz has collaborated with Moog on everything from instrument demonstration and live performance videos to exclusive interviews about the product development process. An electronic music historian and leading voice in the synth community, she helps to tell the stories of foundational synthesizers and artists through her Synth History platform.

“Building the Minimoog and seeing the factory in person was a surreal experience­­,” Danz shared. “It’s hard to describe. I just felt all the history at once. So many great songs were created with these instruments.”

With a deep understanding of synthesis and an appreciation for Moog’s hand-built production practices, Danz visited the Moog factory to try her hand at crafting one of the most iconic synthesizers of all time: the Minimoog Model D.

To experience all that goes into hand-crafting these iconic synthesizers, Moog has recently begun inviting artists to take part in the process. Recently, Danz had the opportunity to join the Moog team for a day and build her own Minimoog Model D.