Brit Floyd at the YouTube Theatre 

Any fan that’s serious about the legendary band, Pink Floyd, must check out their number one cover act known as, Brit Floyd. Their show featured music from the original band’s catalog; from “Hey You” to “Run Like Hell,” this particular concert revolved around Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the Moon album. They celebrated its fiftieth year since its release. This all took place at the YouTube Theatre in Inglewood, CA.

Imagine watching a visual vinyl album from the seventies in real time, as Brit Floyd's show contained the latest in concert technology. There were colorful lights that did more than illuminate their entire set. There were a combination of lasers to animation to smoke, and more. It was a spectacle, to say the least. Musical acumen is what these professional musicians brought to the stage. Brit Floyd gave those in attendance the feel, the sound and the energy of Pink Floyd.

With approximately 25 songs that they covered during a 2-hour set, Brit Floyd delivered. In addition to the Dark Side of the Moon, songs from The WallWish You Were Here, and Animals were performed. From start to finish, this concert was magical. 

Photos by Xxposure LA