Industry Profile: Hennessey Studios -- Creative Destination

By Jane Mann

Exciting news from North Hollywood, CA as producer Sammy Oriti, creator of WB’s Emmy-nominated Coconut Fred, partners with Hennessey Studios nestled at the corner of Lankershim and Magnolia Boulevards. This collaboration promises affordable creative services for the film and television industry. Oriti’s expertise in directing music videos, as well as live stream production, fits right in at Hennessey’s state-of-the-art facility, a creative destination. 

Known for his successful ventures with William Shatner and Randy Jackson, Oriti expresses enthusiasm, stating, “Hennessey Studios in the Arts District is Noho’s best-kept secret, right next to the TV Academy. I’m excited to collaborate with visionaries and deliver great content.” 

Founded by Jason Hennessey, this creative hub, akin to Youtube Space LA, opened its doors in 2020 to support Noho’s creators. Hennessey expresses, “We are in the heart of Noho, a very creative community, we couldn’t be in a cooler location; Sammy knows the landscape well and connects the dots, we’re excited to have him on board to offer creative services.” 

For music videos, commercials or live podcasts, anticipate a fresh blend of ideas for your productions from Hennessey Studios. For more info or booking, contact Sammy Oriti at 310-985-5511.