(From Left to Right: Kedar Frederic, Co-Founder - OneLand Music Group, Hector Morales, Co-Founder - OneLand Music Group, Vladimhyr "VA" Anglade, Co-Founder - OneLand Music Group; Photo by: Enmanuel Hernandez - Enmanuel Films )

OneLand Music Group, known for its success with Dominican-based artist Atomic Otro Way, today announced a joint venture with Create Music Group, one of the world’s leading independent music and entertainment companies. The deal includes Create’s acquisition of OneLand’s valuable music catalog as well as a joint venture to release new music. The venture kicks off with the release of Atomic’s new EP Dembow 5, available now on all major streaming platforms.

“This is a full circle moment for both the Create and OneLand teams,” said OneLand Music Group’s Co-Founder Hector Morales. “In 2019 we partnered with Create to help them sign their first Latin artist. Ever since then, we’ve worked closely with Jonathan and Alex to build opportunities for OneLand artists. This venture is a celebration of our shared musical vision and we’re thrilled to be in business with Create’s growing team.”

Founded in 2018, Vladimhyr Anglade and Kedar Frederic of Haitian descent partnered with Dominican-born Hector Morales to create OneLand Music. OneLand Music Group. The name was inspired by the neighboring countries essentially sharing one land. Atomic Otro Way became the label’s first major artist. The 29-year-old Dominican Dembow singer established OneLand Music Group as a serious contender in the Latin music space.

“We’ve worked closely with the OneLand team for more than five years now,” said Create Music Group exec. “We’re excited about this new evolution of our relationship and look forward to continuing our expansion into the Latin market and fostering relationships with  growing acts and labels like OneLand and Atomic Otro Way.”