H.E.R debuts customized red Stratocaster guitar at surprise Big Game halftime performance

If you saw the surprise guest performance at this weekend’s big game, you saw the ultimate reveal of H.E.R.’s customized red Stratocaster guitar. 

The guitar was made specifically for H.E.R.'s surprise halftime show performance at the big game with Usher and was designed with her style inspiration and performance needs in mind. The body and matching headstock include never-been-done before transparent paint with finish that replicates her chrome aesthetic.

“I imagined a chrome red, I love a good texture,” said H.E.R. “We also made the neck a little slimmer to make it easier for my solos, I wanted it to be effortless.”

In addition to the unique finish, the design behind the customized Stratocaster guitar also includes:

  • Chrome Glow H.E.R. Signature Strat body with transparent red paint over it, and matching headstock 
  • Anodized aluminum black pickguard 
  • Black Noiseless pickups with matching black knobs
  • Modern D shaped neck with satin finish 
  • Rosewood fretboard 
  • Modern vintage tuners